Elkhart Brass History

Headquartered in Elkhart, IN, Elkhart Brass manufactures innovative firefighting equipment.  Established in 1902, Elkhart has launched numerous industry firsts including the first peripheral jet fog nozzle, the first pressure regulating nozzle which maintains a constant water stream in all directions, and the first wireless monitor allowing firefighters to control water flow from the safety of the ground.  For more information, please visit www.elkhartbrass.com.

Company founded by Albert E. Hansen
Offered first ball-type shut-off nozzle in the U.S.
Mystery® Nozzle, America’s first peripheral jet fog nozzle
Developed a line of truck-mount deck guns
Began making portable monitors
Added the integral ball shut-off to the Mystery® nozzle in the Select-O-Stream® line
Developed Select-O-Flow® nozzles, the industry’s first constant flow, selectable gallonage nozzles
Introduced Select-O-Matic® automatic nozzles, the first nozzles to operate on the availability of water rather than on pressure (still the company’s best selling product)
Opened an additional manufacturing site in Shreve, Ohio
Introduced Chief nozzles – a lightweight, simplified version of the Select-O-Flow® line
Created a complete line of fireground appliances used with LDH
Developed Stinger® monitors – the first product with quick disconnect to move from truck mount to ground mount (prior to Stinger, two separate pieces of equipment were needed)
Developed a new generation of easier-to-operate Select-O-Matic? nozzles with more gallonage choices
Introduced X-Stream® SM-2000 Select-O-Matic® nozzle with gallonages from 500-2000 GPM
Changed the face of firefighting again with W.E.T.® (Wireless Electronic Technology) that allows remote controlled operation of monitors from up to 1/4 mile away
Introduced Extender® which automatically raises Elkhart Brass compact monitors 18″ above apparatus deck
Introduced the Vulcan® monitor, the industry’s most compact, lightest master stream device with flows up to 1250 GPM
Developed low pressure handline nozzles, including break-apart options, all offering outstanding stream performance at 75 psi (and in some cases, 50 psi) in the Chief®, Phantom® , and Select-O-Matic® lines.
Introduced RA.M.® – Rapid Attack Monitor® for quick deployment and easy one-man operation
Put on the market the Unibody Valve line, featuring a cross-compatible apparatus ball valve and a butterfly valve with a robust, heavy-duty motor.
Developed the Glow Bumper for handline nozzles to better enhance firefighter safety.
Introduced EXM monitors with industry leading durability and first CANBUS J1939 communication capability
Lead the market in UHP technology with monitors and nozzles uniquely designed for UHP applications
Introduce the 8494CXC with patented cable drive technology for rapid, intuitive monitor control
Elkhart Brass Joins Safe Fleet, industry leader in emergency vehicle products