Brands We Offer

Headquartered in Belton, MO, Safe Fleet owns a portfolio of brands committed to saving life and property, reducing accidents and improving employee efficiency and job satisfaction.


Our VISION is to build the leading global provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles.

We develop, manufacture and sell best in class high performance safety related products. Our products provide increased functionality and integrated solutions for fleet vehicle manufacturers and operators.

We target markets with increasing demand for operator, passenger, and pedestrian safety.

Bustin History

Since 1928, Bustin has been a pioneer of slip-resistant walk surfaces.  Commercial truck fleets, as well as trailer manufacturers, install Bustin solutions where secure footing and stability are fundamental to job performance.  These include areas include fuel tank steps, deck plate, chassis frame ladders, sliding ramps, platforms, and retractable stairs.  These fall prevention solutions incorporate a self-cleaning design that helps remove debris while keeping feet safely on the walking surface.  For more information, visit

Founded in 1928 by Leo Bustin, as Bustin Industrial Products. 
1940s & 1950s
Mid 1940s, first ads appear for walk ramps, semi-trailer deck plate, fuel tank steps, and work platforms.
During the 1940s-50s, Bustin generates over 20+ patents for products.        
1960s, the company markets the Slide Away, a sliding stair system that promotes proper ergonomics for semi-drivers who need to enter and exit the trailer from the ground (industry 1st).
1985, Leo Bustin dies and the company is acquired by private owner.
In 2005, the private owner agrees to being acquired by MW Supply.
Also in 2005, the company launches a new walk ramp, the Gladiator, to compete against the R·O·M Roadwarrior
In 2011, MW Supply agrees to sell to R·O·M.
2013, Bustin launches the Slide & Go stair system, allowing drivers a slide out platform and slide out stair (industry 1st)
In late 2013, the equity firm that owned Bustin sells it and its other brands, to investment firm The Sterling Group, of Houston, TX.    
During this same year, the Safe Fleet holding company is formed and becomes the parent company of Bustin.