Download the Safe Fleet Technology Buyer’s Guide for School Buses

Your guide for choosing the right technology to manage student transportation

Choosing the right technology to manage student transportation can be overwhelming. This guide will help you match the right technology to your needs and walk you through the buying process, so you can get the most from your investments.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What the school bus tech landscape looks like today
  • How to identify what type of technology matches your needs
  • What you really need to know about each type of tech
  • How to choose the right vendor
  • How to plot a technology roadmap for the future


The Lauderdale School District relies on several systems mentioned in the Buyer’s Guide for increased safety and peace-of-mind, including video surveillance, wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi Hotspot, video downloads and Live GPS.

“We recognized the weight of our responsibility. We take it very seriously. You can’t put a price on the safety of your students.

– Tim Moore, Transportation Director, Lauderdale County School District


This Guide is based on the latest trends and advancements in safety, performance and efficiency technology. It takes into consideration both the current state and development of the school transportation industry as well as what to expect in the next decade.


  • Choosing the right video surveillance system for your fleet
  • Why robust wireless networks are critical to the success of your safety and fleet management systems
  • Understanding the types of passenger and pedestrian safety systems available and what each can do for your school district
  • How to select the collision avoidance system best suited to your fleet’s needs
  • The value of integrated fleet management systems and what this means for your school district
  • And more…