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May 23, 2017

Why Police Body Cameras Save Lives

Last week was National Police Week. It reminded us of all of the incredible sacrifices officers make to help keep the public safe.

President John F. Kennedy created National Police Week to honor officers who lost their lives. In today’s environment, where we see increased hostility towards law enforcement, it is ever more important for police departments to think about ways to improve officer safety.

Body Cameras & Officer Safety

Several studies have been done over the last few years regarding the use of body cameras, and how they change the dynamic between officers and the public. In 2015, the Rialto Police Department in California found that use-of-force incidents dropped by half when officers wore body cameras, from .78 incidents per 1,000 officer-public contacts to .33 incidents. You can learn more about the study results by clicking on the link below.

National Institute of Justice Body Camera Study

The use of body cameras has clearly reduced the number of serious incidents, but this is only the first step towards making officers safer.

Bodycam Features & Officer Safety

The best body cameras for police departments have special features that make officers even safer. Alerting features, covert modes, wireless connectivity, and integration with police car camera systems are just a few examples of capabilities that will help save the lives of officers and citizens in the future.

The next time you interact with a police officer or public safety agency, think about how this new technology is helping make the world safer for you and the officer.

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